Thursday, August 20, 2009

So, here is a perfect example of how just playing around with a few buttons can create something really great. Karin took this shot over the summer while camping at Bolsa Chica State Beach... the pic was nice but the colors were nothing out of the ordinary. With a few adjustments here and another there, well........ wow!

These next shots were our first attempt with the kids down in Old Towne Orange. Karin knew of a great little place that had some really wonderful character. We loaded 4 kids, 2 husbands and one grandma up in the cars and headed out. There was lots of yelling and lots of bribing. We'd place one kid here and another there and just about the time we were set, someone would move. Everyone was getting tired. But we found the shots we got when no one was looking or someone stepped out of place... these were the best shots. I heard something on the radio yesterday... "Leap and the net will appear". I hope you enjoy them!

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