Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just an Orange County kid...

So... here's a fun little project we worked on a few months back. Okay, wait... let me re-phrase that... an obsession.... I mean, contest! And really? Think we could resist??? Of course not... so, the idea behind the contest... dress up like the awesome-est OC band in the entire land of OC and world EVER... No Doubt, and do your best Gwen and band impression to the tunes of "Just a Girl". Well heck... we got the girl... and the 3 boys... hand over that trophy! We filmed the video and took the stills... the kids ate it up and so did our fans... um, i mean friends! Hope you enjoy them, too!

Oh... and in case any of you were wondering... no, we did not "win"... well, if you consider winning having your video played on the big screen during "Just a Girl" on their recent tour, but I will say... that was due to "techinical difficulties" and NO ONE's video's were played. But..... they did make it into the official video collage and it was posted to the No Doubt website for all to see.... so yeah... our kids kinda rock!

Click here to watch! (So, look for the kids at 35 seconds and 55 seconds in!)

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